The Wire Salon: The Sounds of the New Atlantis

17th March 2011


Thursday 7th April 2011
Cafe Oto, E8 3DL, London

The U.K music magazine, The Wire, have asked the Oram Archive to arrange one of their Salon events in London, early next month.

The event is being held on Thursday the 7th of April at Cafe Oto at 8pm. £4 on the door

The programme for the evening will include:

• A presentation by Dan Wilson tracing the evolution of the philosophies behind Oramics, and Daphne Oram’s progress in reconciling the physical and metaphysical aspects of sound. Oramics made incursions into the mysteries surrounding occulted conceptions of sound: its alleged healing and restorative powers, its role in providing ‘inspiration’, its analogies in colour, form and number, and its archaeoacoustics.

• A biographical sketch in the form of a presentation by Jo Hutton, looking at Daphne Oram’s role at the BBC in developing electroacoustic music and radiophonic art in Britain, as well as her subsequent independent studio work and the development of her drawn sound technique which emerged in tandem with the design and build of Oramics.

• A joint presentation by Mick Grierson and Chris Weaver on the evolution of the Oramics machine, its potential significance as one of the first British computer music systems, and the plans for its future conservation.

• A video presentation by Graham Wrench, the former RAF radar engineer responsible for building the first prototype of the Oramics machine.

Plus Dr. Tim Boon, chief curator at the Science Mueseum will talk about the upcoming plans to display the Oramics machine later this June.

Interval entertainment will come from Fari B who will be spinning previously unheard material from the Daphne Oram Archive.