Do Analogue Sound Machines Dream of Digital Sheep?

Daphne’s Oramics Machine and the recent Nonclassical event, ‘Pioneers of Electronic Music’ feature in this docu-film ‘Do Analogue Sound Machines Dream of Digital Sheep?’.

This documentary from Queen Mary, University of London, also includes an excerpt of a performance by Tom Richards (currently researching a PhD on Daphne’s Oramics Machine) and a conversation with the director of the archive, Mick Grierson. The section highlighting Daphne’s work begins at 6’45″.

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Daphne Oram collection on BBC Radio 3′s Late Junction


On Friday 30th May, Daphne’s work featured on BBC Radio 3′s Late Junction. Host Fiona Talkington presented a collaborative session with electronic duo Walls exploring material from the Oram collection. The programme features an interview with Dr. Mick Grierson, director of the collection, and includes Oram’s ‘Tumblewash’. More here.

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Four Aspects at the Queen Elizabeth Hall

A tape playback of Daphne’s 1968 work ‘Four Aspects’ will open a forthcoming concert of Sound Arts from the Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studios on Thursday 9th May 2013. The evening concert, held in tribute to the ‘First Concert of British Electronic Composers’ that took place in the hall in 1968 (featuring Daphne, Peter Zinovieff, Tristan Cary and others see this programme), is free to enter and begins at 18:30 on Thursday 9th May.

Further details of other works and performers who are performing in the Queen Elizabeth Hall concert are available here.


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‘Perspectives on Daphne Oram’

Daphne Oram will be featured in the forthcoming Nonclassical Goldsmiths EAVI Group event ‘Perspectives on Daphne Oram’ at the Macbeth in London on 6th March

See here for an interview with Sam Mackay one of the founders of Nonclassical.

Details from Nonclassical’s website;

Audiovisual instruments inspired by the life and work of Daphne Oram. Daphne Oram created the Oramics machine in order to make her own unique experimental art – a sound unlike anyone else.

We’re exploring some of Daphne’s ideas specifically during the concert – most notably, Tom Richards is performing using a new device he has been developing based on Daphne’s mini-oramics system, which is being built using components that would have been available to her at the time.

Chris Weaver will also be exploring photophonic systems (the use of photocells in sound). Bruno Zamborlin is presenting gesture-based systems derived from analogue signals. Ryo Ikeshiro, Chris Kiefer and Mick Grierson are presenting audiovisual synthesis systems.

The night is part of Nonclassical’s monthly series, also featuring resident DJs Gabriel Prokofiev, Richard Lannoy, and Nwando. This event is in association with Goldsmiths EAVI Research Group.

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BBC Click Feature – The Beginnings of Electronic Music

The BBC’s technology show Click recently featured Daphne Oram and the Oramics machine.  It can be viewed here.  The piece contains rare archive footage of Daphne Oram explaining the Oramics technique.

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The Legacy of Daphne Oram – 9th November 2011

On Wednesday 9th November a talk on Daphne Oram and the philosophy of Oramics will take place at the Sound Arts & Design Department at the London College of Communication.  In ‘The Legacy of Daphne Oram’, Chris Weaver and Dan Wilson will discuss the workings of the Oramics machine, its theory, origin, development and the sonic explorations it facilitated.  Daphne Oram’s futurological and esoteric ideas will be examined, along with her later work involving her somewhat secretive computerised realisation of Oramics.

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Oramics to Electronica at The Science Museum

On Thursday 28th July, the Oramics machine was unveiled marking the start of the first phase of the Oramics to Electronica project at The Science Museum.   All four elements of the Oramics apparatus are on display, namely, the loudspeaker cabinets, the waveform scanner, the amplifier and the control console itself.  Rare interview footage with Daphne more »

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The Wire Salon: The Sounds of the New Atlantis

Thursday 7th April 2011 Cafe Oto, E8 3DL, London The U.K music magazine, The Wire, have asked the Oram Archive to arrange one of their Salon events in London, early next month. The event is being held on Thursday the 7th of April at Cafe Oto at 8pm. £4 on the door The programme for the evening more »

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Oramics Events

Friday 27 June 2008 South Bank Centre, London   Daphne Oram was an unsung pioneer of British electronic musician. This series of events celebrates the launch of the Daphne Oram Collection at Goldsmiths. For the past 12 months an Arts and Humanities Research Council grant has supported the digitisation of almost 700 reel to reel more »

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