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BBC Click Feature – The Beginnings of Electronic Music

The BBC’s technology show Click recently featured Daphne Oram and the Oramics machine.  It can be viewed here.  The piece contains rare archive footage of Daphne Oram explaining the Oramics technique.

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The Legacy of Daphne Oram – 9th November 2011

On Wednesday 9th November a talk on Daphne Oram and the philosophy of Oramics will take place at the Sound Arts & Design Department at the London College of Communication.  In ‘The Legacy of Daphne Oram’, Chris Weaver and Dan Wilson will discuss the workings of the Oramics machine, its theory, origin, development and the sonic explorations it facilitated.  Daphne Oram’s futurological and esoteric ideas will be examined, along with her later work involving her somewhat secretive computerised realisation of Oramics.

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‘Oramics: Atlantis Anew’ and ‘Oramics to Electronica’

The official opening of The Science Museum’s ‘Oramics to Electronica’ exhibition took place earlier this month.  Two short films were premiered: Aura Satz‘s ‘Oramics: Atlantis Anew’ followed by Nick Street and Jen Fearnley’s ‘Oramics to Electronica’ (charting the run-up to the opening of the exhibition). An excerpt from Aura Satz’s atmospheric film, named after Daphne more »

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Oramics to Electronica at The Science Museum

On Thursday 28th July, the Oramics machine was unveiled marking the start of the first phase of the Oramics to Electronica project at The Science Museum.   All four elements of the Oramics apparatus are on display, namely, the loudspeaker cabinets, the waveform scanner, the amplifier and the control console itself.  Rare interview footage with Daphne more »

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‘The Woman from New Atlantis’ in The Wire #330

This month’s issue of The Wire (August 2011) contains the first in-depth examination of the intersections between Daphne Oram, the New Age movement and electronic music.  Titled ‘The Woman from New Atlantis’, this article by Dan Wilson takes a look at her long out-of-print 1972 book, ‘An Individual Note of Music, Sound and Electronics’ along more »

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Short Oramics documentary

This exciting previously unseen 2009 six minute documentary by Nick Street shows the transportation of the Oramics synthesiser. It features Dr. Mick Grierson outlining the workings of the machine. Oramics from Nick Street on Vimeo. The Oramics machine is currently in the possession of The Science Museum, and is soon to be restored to its more »

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